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How to Grow Your Career and Get Promoted Faster

Are you eager to climb the career ladder? Whether you’re aiming for a promotion within your current company or seeking new career opportunities elsewhere, keep reading to learn the best ways to move up at work faster!

From mastering essential skills to building a strong professional network and showcasing your value, we’ll explore actionable strategies to help you advance your career quickly and make more money sooner. 

Why Should You Make Career Advancement a Goal?

Career advancement isn’t for everyone. For many, trying to get promoted can be a frustrating experience. Unfortunately, work isn’t always fair and great employees don’t always get promoted. It can be difficult to understand what it takes to move up at work and achieve career success.

But advancing your career in the corporate world can also be very good for you – financially, professionally, and personally. There’s more within your reach than you may think.

Check out these links to learn why career advancement is a worthy pursuit: 

hard to get promoted

3 Reasons Why Working Hard to Get Promoted is Worth It

In addition to a sense of achievement and validation, here are 3 reasons why working hard to get promoted is a worthy pursuit.

Increae your earnings

8 Smart Ways to Increase Your Income (And Retire Early)

Here’s 8 smart ways to grow your career earnings. They helped me reach my financial goals earlier than expected, and can do the same for you!

corporate perks

30 Best Perks of Corporate Work (Beyond Pay and Benefits)

Corporate careers can offer much more than good pay and benefits. There’s a treasure trove of unexpected perks you could be missing out on. 

What Skill Sets Are Most Important for Career Advancement?

Depending on where you’re at in your career journey, beefing up your communication skills might be a good move.

Or, if you’re eyeing a jump into management, developing your soft skills and leadership skills might be even more important.

But regardless of whether you have years of experience, or are just starting out, there are some skills that are universally essential to climbing the career ladder. For example,


  1. Ability to Produce Strong Results
  2. Ability to Show-Up with Impact
  3. Ability to Gain Advocacy and Support
  4. Ability to Grow and Develop with Authenticity

how to get ahead at work

How to Get Ahead at Work: 5 Essential Skills

You’re a great employee who goes the extra mile, but it’s likely not enough to get promoted just yet. Discover how to get ahead at work by developing 5 essential abilities.


What Are Common Challenges to Career Growth and Advancement?

Don’t let these 5 common mistakes and challenges hold you back from reaching the next level:

1. When You Over Rely On Your Boss 

Unfortunately, in the business world, leaders can’t always be counted on to do the right thing.  Even if your manager has the best of intentions to promote you, it doesn’t always work out as planned.

But here’s the good news: even if you have a less than supportive boss, with a little hard work, you can still advance your career and get promoted.

When You Don't Trust Your Boss Will Promote You

When You Don't Trust Your Boss Will Promote You

Discover when relying on your boss to get promoted can be a big mistake (and what to do about it)

signs your boss is sabotaging you

5 Signs Your Boss is Sabotaging You (And How to Respond)

If you sense your manager might be holding you back, you could be right. Discover the signs your boss is sabotaging you (and what to do about it).

2. When You Get Too Comfortable

When is the last time you put yourself out there to develop new skills? Took a risk where you could fall flat? If you aren’t getting uncomfortable on a regular basis, you’re not learning and developing. You are stagnating, and that certainly doesn’t scream career advancement.

You can’t just rely on your current skills to move up at work. You must set goals and embrace career growth opportunities, especially the ones that push you outside your comfort zone.

If it makes you uneasy to lead a work discussion, ask your manager to give you a stretch assignment that puts you in a position to do exactly this. This conversation alone will speak volumes to your boss, as they recognize you have a desire to learn and grow—signs of a promotable employee!

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

How to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone to Get Ahead at Work

Embracing new experiences is essential for professional growth. Learn the best way to get outside your comfort zone to reach your career goals.


advance your career

Doing This One Thing is Essential to Advance Your Career

Everyone who aspires to get ahead at work needs to think about this concept.


be more visible at work

How to Be More Visible at Work

Learning to be more visible at work is essential to get promoted, but what exactly does this mean? Maybe not what you think.

3. When You Focus on the Wrong Work

When working to become more promotable, you’ll find some areas of development are more pliable than others. 

For example, it’s often easier to fine tune your personal style than modify your behavior. But be careful, don’t spend more time doing something because it’s easier. You’ve got to do the hard work too. 

Surface work won’t be enough to get promoted, you’ve got to dig deeper. Stop fixating over what to wear or say to project confidence. Instead, do something that scares you—and genuinely grow your confidence. 

great employees don't get promoted

Are You At Risk of Becoming an Accidental Workhorse?

Many professionals fall into the trap of becoming an accidental workhorse on their path to a promotion. Don’t let that be you!


Hard Work H

Is Hard Work Holding You Back?

You know it takes more than hard work and results to get ahead. So why do you keep working harder and get frustrated when you don’t get promoted?


4. When You Refuse to Embrace Change

There may be times when your path to get promoted seems insurmountable, or maybe even feels like you need to become someone you’re not to get ahead. You say things like, I’m not willing to do that to get ahead, or if that’s what it takes to get promoted, forget about it.

But these words are just an attempt to justify your inaction and will only lead to more disappointment and frustration.

By all means, stand by your convictions. But don’t use them as an excuse for why you’re not able to advance your career. Don’t assume the only way forward is to behave in a way that conflicts with your values.

There is always more than one way to achieve a goal. Take accountability, reframe your situation, and consider alternative actions.


someone you're not

Don't Become Someone You're Not to Get Ahead

Changing aspects of yourself to get ahead at work can be tricky. Use this model to help guide your development in an authentic way.


Barrier to getting promoted

The Most Common Barrier to Getting Promoted

Learn about the most common barrier to getting promoted and how to break through to advance your career.


5. When Your Beliefs About Work Don’t Serve You

What we believe about work drives our behavior. Beliefs form the basis of our assumptions and expectations about work. We likely don’t realize it in the moment, but our beliefs are busy working behind the scenes to direct our thoughts, decisions, and behaviors.

Often beliefs can be a source of ingenuity and resilience. For example, if you believe you learn more from failure than success, then it will be easier for you to bounce back from career disappointment.

But beliefs about work can also limit our choices and block us from doing what’s needed to advance our careers.

It’s important we have beliefs that support our aspirations for career advancement. And if they don’t, we need to reconsider them. Or expand our belief system with additional convictions.

Limiting Beliefs

3 Steps to Overcome Career Limiting Beliefs

Often work beliefs can be a source of resilience, but other times they can hold you back. Learn 3 steps to change what isn’t working for you.


When is the Best Time to Get Promoted at Work

The Single Most Important Question to Ask Yourself

Have you ever stopped to think about your work beliefs? If not, I hope this post convinces you why it’s important to consider what you believe to be true about work.


How Can You Accelerate Your Career Advancement Journey?

Fast-track your next promotion by applying these career advancement accelerators:

1. Develop Resilience and Bounce Back from Career Setbacks

Look, everyone has career ups and downs—it just comes with working in business. No one gets through their work journey without a few scars, scrapes, and burns. 

It’s understandable to feel frustrated when your hard work isn’t acknowledged and rewarded. But over time, career setbacks can easily turn a top performer into a long-suffering employee who blames others for their misfortune.

What’s important is to take responsibility for your situation and do something about it, even when it doesn’t seem fair.

Passed Over for a Promotion

Passed Over for a Promotion: Stay or Quit?

Deciding what to do after getting passed over for a promotion can be tough, especially when feelings of frustration can cloud your thinking. Here’s 3 things to consider before making your next move.


land a job interview

How to Turn a Career Setback into Your Success Story

Everyone has career ups and downs—but turning those tough times into success stories is what will set you apart. And inspire you to achieve even more in the years to come.


promised a promotion

When Your Boss Promised to Promote You But Then Quits

Here’s 5 steps to take when your boss promised to promote you but then quits before following through.

2. Get Recognized as a High-Potential Professional

While being a superstar in your current role is super important, it’s not the only ticket to career advancement. To move up, you need to complement your performance with a clear display of potential and readiness for new responsibilities of higher-level positions. This means adopting a growth mindset and embracing new challenges.


Limiting Beliefs

3 Ways to Be Seen as a High-Potential at Work

Being seen as a high potential employee is essential for career advancement. Learn 3 ways to be seen as someone who is ready to advance and take on greater responsibility.


Speak up in meetings

5 Easy Ways to Speak Up & Say Something Smart in Meetings

If you aspire to advance your career, learning to speak up in meetings, especially when senior team members are around, can be a game-changer. 


gain support from management

How to Gain Support from Management for Your Next Promotion

Your ability to gain advocacy at work is essential to get promoted. Learn ways to gain support without feeling like a politician lobbying for endorsements.


Presence at work

Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Presence at Work

There’s often a misconception that presence only matters at the executive level. The reality is everyone has presence, and it’s a necessary area for employees at all levels to develop.


3. Be Open to Changing Companies to Get Ahead

The longer you stay with your current company, especially if you remain the same role, the more your employer may take you for granted. Companies often have a bias for adding “new talent” to the organization.

Which means your company would rather hire from the outside than promote from within—and you get passed over for a new growth opportunity.

Rather than wait for a promotion that may never come – remember, you have career options. Take accountability and search for a new job outside your company.

Stay at a Company Too Long

Can You Stay at a Company Too Long?

Working for the same company too long can be costly, especially if you aspire to advance your career faster and make more money sooner.


land a job interview

Best Tips to Land a Job Interview

Do you have your sights set on joining a new company but HR is giving you the silent treatment? Read on for creative tips to “get in” and land a job interview.


More Money by Changing Jobs

How to Make Even More Money by Changing Jobs

If you want to make even more money by changing jobs, you may be better off negotiating this into your next job offer.


thank you email after interview example

Write a Perfect Interview Thank You Email (20 Examples)

Here’s how to write the perfect interview thank you email and boost your standing as the best person for the job.


4. Be Cautious Following Career Advice

Following advice from others can be super helpful in reaching your career goals. But, it’s important to carefully consider career advice before deciding if it’s worth following. Working with a certified career coach can be a great way to access to valuable support.

But be wary of following advice from someone who doesn’t speak from experience, hasn’t overcome challenges like yours, or can’t make your path forward simpler.

After all, you only have so much time and headspace to focus on professional development. You want to make sure you spend it wisely!

5. Have a Plan for Your Career Path

Being strategic with your professional goals is key to taking your career to new heights. This means you have a career development plan that you update on a regular basis to keep your career headed in the right direction. The first step is setting your long-term goals — you can’t leave your growth and career development to chance.


Career Goals

Career Goals to Consider Setting for the New Year

Ready to fast-track your career? Here’s a list of goals to achieve in the New Year!


invest in your career

Best Way to Get Your Manager to Invest in Your Career

There’s a good chance you’re missing out on a bunch of benefits your company offers select employees. However, strategically using your dev plan can be your gateway to gaining access.


What Can You Learn From Others’ Career Advancement Success?

Hear stories and follow lessons from those who have already experienced success getting promoted and advancing their careers.

Promotion story Q&A Interviews

Promotion Story 2

Promoted from Director to Executive Level

“I received a 15% bump in total compensation (base, bonus, equity).”

Promotion Story 3

Promoted from Coordinator to Manager Level

“I’m proud to say I got promoted because I asked!”

Promotion Story 6

Promoted from Manager to Director Level

“I had to get better at working with other groups and influencing without authority.”


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