Reasons to Read Finally Promoted (and a few reasons not to)

So far, I’ve shared a little about myself and reasons why I started Finally Promoted. Next, I want to go through a few reasons why reading Finally Promoted may (or may not) be worth your time.

As much as I would like you to find a ton of value from Finally Promoted, I understand it may not be for all business professionals.

Reasons to read Finally Promoted:

1) Relatable.

I’ve been where you are. I was an overlooked employee stuck in middle-management. I was told I needed to be more visible to get ahead. I didn’t come from privilege, attend an Ivy league school, earn an MBA or even major in business. I’m not a super achiever or super outgoing. I’m a regular, everyday professional who managed to gradually advance my way to the c-suite. If I can do it, you can too – and you should read this site.


2) Based on Real-World Experience.

I’ve experienced a lot during my 25+ year corporate career. I faced all the typical challenges one faces moving up at work: being passed over for promotions, working for narcissistic bosses, dealing with difficult coworkers, managing through political BS, and much more. If you seek real-life examples, this site is for you.


3) Resources.

As much as possible, I will share ideas to consider, stories to inspire, and resources to get you to think differently about your path to a promotion. Finally Promoted will guide you to have more aha moments on how to become more promotable.


4) A Simple Structure.

It’s based on a structured approach to get promoted. A model I developed during the last decade of my career to zone in on the actions that matter most to getting promoted. 


5) Results.

I’m sharing the model I personally used to advance my career, and it worked for me. I started at the bottom as an administrative assistant and ended in the c-suite as a chief marketing officer. I was promoted 10 times and directly helped dozens of my team members advance and earn promotions.


6) Corporate.

I write from a perspective of my experiences at global F100 and mid-size companies. It’s based on my time working at PE-backed and publicly traded businesses with $350M to $80B in annual revenue and 1,000 to 120,000 employees. If you work for a company that falls in this space, you should read Finally Promoted.


7) Ambitious, Accountable and Open to Learn.

If you want to get ahead at work and take personal accountability to figure out how to make it happen. If you realize work isn’t always fair, but recognize that only YOU can make decisions and take actions to change your situation, then you should read Finally Promoted.

Why you may NOT want to read Finally Promoted


1) Not a Career Coach.

I’m not offering career planning or professional development services. I’m not a certified coach or resume writer. I’ve helped others prep for interviews, but I am not selling those services. 


2) Follow Your Passion.

I followed a path to financial freedom. I followed a path to self-learning, personal growth, and development. My “why” was to make the most of my potential at work – professionally and financially. I can’t help you find your passion or a new career path. There are plenty of other “what color is your parachute” type of websites and coaches out there who can help you in this area, but I’m not one of them.


3) Gaps.

I experienced a lot during my career, but I haven’t experienced everything. While I certainly faced my share of gender bias and other challenges at work, I fortunately didn’t have to deal with issues like racial discrimination, ageism, retaliation, or illegal activities. If this is what you’re facing, then you may not relate to my experiences.


4) No Quick Fixes.

I’m not sharing trivial tips or quick fixes to get ahead. You must do the hard work to get promoted. This site isn’t about style, it’s about substance. If you’re looking for simple steps to polish your professional panache, this site isn’t for you.


5) Corporate Downer. 

I believe corporate work can be good for you. Even with the many gripes about corporate work – bad bosses, annoying coworkers, long hours, office politics, too many meetings, etc. – I still believe the pros far outweigh the cons. So, if you’re a corporate hater, this site probably isn’t for you.


6) Other Professions. 

I know corporate careers at publicly traded or private-equity backed F100 and mid-size businesses. I don’t know teaching, nursing, freelancing, government careers, etc. I don’t have experience at startups, small offices, agencies, or non-profit environments. If this is the type of organization you work for, this website may not be for you.


7) Unambitious, Unaccountable.

You accept the status quo, or blame others or make excuses for your situation, or have turned cynical and resentful from your career disappointments. It’s true, work isn’t always fair. But what are YOU going to do about it? I can’t help you change your attitude and mindset.

So that about covers my reasons to read (or not) Finally Promoted. To summarize…

In Summary

Read Finally Promoted if you are ambitious and willing to take ownership for your career advancement. If you want real-world advice about what matters most to get ahead, backed by real-work examples and stories from a relatable, everyday professional who advanced her corporate career from admin assistant to c-suite executive.

Don’t read Finally Promoted if you are lazy and unwilling to take ownership of your career advancement. If you are looking for career services or a coach to help you write your resume or find your passion. If you are dealing with unlawful workplace issues like discrimination, don’t work in a corporate work environment, or believe corporate career paths are a necessary evil.


Do you relate more to the reasons you should read Finally Promoted? I sure hope so! 

And I also hope that by joining the Finally Promoted community you become better off professionally. That you make the most out of your potential and get the rewards and recognition you deserve!



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