Finally Promoted

If you’re reading this, than you’re probably a great employee who is struggling to get promoted.


You’re tired of being overlooked by higher ups. Maybe you’ve been told you’re just not ready yet, or worse, need to be more visible to get ahead. And you could even be losing hope you’ll ever move up.

Well, I have good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: There is no such thing as a quick fix to move up at work. Perfecting your personal style isn’t going to make you more promotable. And you can’t fake it until you make it either. 

Now, the good news. You can simplify your path to a promotion. How? By preparing now for your next promotion: focus on the 5 abilities that matter most to move up in business. Abilities that will…

  • Accelerate your advancement without having to overcome natural tendencies.
  • Make it much easier for management to recognize and reward your value.
  • Rapidly create momentum to propel your path to a promotion.
  • Build upon each other to make you more promotable.
  • Enable you to manage your career on your own terms

So, what are these abilities? Well, they’re not simply my “best tips” to get ahead.

They are proven strategies that I used to earn 10 promotions and make my way to the c-suite as a chief marketing officer.

Promotion Principles: 5 Essential Abilities

These abilities are higher-order domains of expertise and capability referred to as the Promotion Principles. They are 5 essential abilities that underpin promotability across all corporate levels—from entry level to executive ranks and everything in between.

Mastering these 5 abilities will fast-track your climb up the career ladder!

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Promotion Principles: A Targeted Approach to Career Advancement

By diving into these five principles and understanding what actions can speed up or slow down your progress, you can cut through the noise and focus on the important stuff that will push your career forward.

These principles let you take charge of your career journey on your own terms.

As you assess how well you’re doing in each principle—figuring out what “being excellent” really means, spotting potential challenges, and picking up strategies to boost your skills—you can zero in on the areas where you need to improve.

This targeted approach speeds up your learning, gives you useful insights for making better decisions, and fast-tracks your journey to a promotion.

Working the Promotion Principles

The Promotion Principles are essential to any business professional aiming for career advancement, whether you’re starting at the entry level or are already in executive roles.

However, the approach to honing your skills in each principle is highly personal. Your inherent qualities, work beliefs, and values significantly influence how you build proficiency in each principle. 

You can’t afford to neglect any of the Promotion Principles—they each have their individual importance. Yet, understanding how these principles interact and when they work in tandem is equally crucial.

For instance, knowing which Principle to emphasize based on your career stage is vital, as is learning how to leverage your strengths in one Principle to excel in another. I refer to this as “Working the Promotion Principles,” and you can read more about this concept in our free eBook primer.