Introducing New Go-To Career Destination: Finally Promoted

Showing Great Employees How to Get Promoted

Finally Promoted is a new go-to career destination designed to show hard-working business professionals like you what it takes to move up at work.

Trying to get promoted is difficult, and unfortunately, employees who quietly kick-butt at work don’t always get the rewards and recognition they deserve.

My mission in launching Finally Promoted is to show the many great employees in the workplace what it really takes to get promoted in today’s business world, and how to approach it in a sensible, authentic way.

The Finally Promoted career site will guide you to have more aha moments on how to become more promotable and think differently about your path to a promotion.  The new career destination features:

Stories to Inspire

Listen to stories and learn lessons from those who have already experienced success. Each episode features a Q&A-style interview providing insider details on what it really takes to get promoted at work.

Principles to Guide

Discover a simple, structured approach for career advancement based on the Promotion Principles®, including five essential abilities that matter most to get promoted.

Tools to Assist

Explore practical tools, including worksheets, decision guides, and other resources designed to help professionals cut through the clutter and focus on what matters most to move up at work.

Ideas to Consider

Learn ways to simplify the often-confusing path to career advancement. The blog series shares inspiring stories, practical tools, fresh ideas, and much more to help professionals think differently about what it takes to get promoted. 

While there is no shortage of online resources that offer advice on how to get promoted, most of these resources just graze the surface with quick tips to get ahead, or are written by someone who never climbed any rungs on a corporate ladder.  

The Finally Promoted career destination is different. It’s based on my direct experiences and observations  over 25+ years rising through the ranks at F100 and mid-size technology companies (like Intel and HP). And it focuses on a sensible, structured approach to advance your career your way based on the abilities that matter most to get promoted.

Before I close let say that my purpose in starting Finally Promoted is simple

I want to help you get promoted.

Whether it means moving up to your first manager role, finally advancing to director level, reaching the executive ranks, or something in between, I want to help you get promoted!

So, if you want to fast-track your next promotion, and you want to learn from someone who has been in your shoes—and climbed to the highest levels of a company—the Finally Promoted career destination is for you!

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