Career Advice: Love it or Leave it?

Welcome to the launch of my new “Love it, or Leave It” review series – posts that aim to debunk commonly given career advice. To expose the paradox in “best pieces of advice” frequently shared in the workplace.

My inspiration for this series (in addition to my favorite HGTV series Love it or List it wink) is my realization that most career advice is nonsense, even if it comes from a big name in business.

Some of you may recall the uproar that Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, created after advising a conference of women they should not ask for raises, but instead trust faith and karma to reward them appropriately. He quickly backpedaled and issued an apology for his mistake, but the reality is Satya isn’t the only one who has doled out awful advice.

Many other high-profile executives make similar blunders all the time. It’s time we “check” more of this advice instead of blindly following it. Which is exactly what this series of posts aims to do.

Each review will consider a specific piece of workplace advice to assess its worth and determine if we should Love It and apply it, or Leave It and forget it.

While I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the worth of each piece of advice, I encourage you to add your own filter based on your personal situation. Taking, or leaving advice comes down to many personal factors, such as…

  • Where you are at in your career journey, and what you aspire to next.
  • How the advice aligns with your personal beliefs and values.
  • Whether the advice is about adapting your style or developing skills.
  • How taking the advice could negatively or positively impact parts of your life other than work–family, finances or your overall health and happiness.

After sharing my thoughts on the pros/cons of each piece of advice, I will choose whether to Love it, or Leave it, and then turn to you to weigh in with your thoughts.

Today we start with reviewing a piece of commonly shared advice about the importance of a good education: Episode 1



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