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Hey there, I’m Alison !

I’m the blogger behind Finally Promoted who is all about showing great employees how to finally get promoted.

As a chief marketing officer who gradually rose through the ranks over 20+ years working for F100 and mid-size companies (like Intel and HP), I learned first-hand how hard it can be to get promoted.

But I also learned a few things about how to finally get promoted.

In fact, I specifically set out to uncover what matters most to move up the ladder (so I could reach financial freedom faster and make work optional!).

My mission with Finally Promoted is to show professionals like you how to think differently about your path to a promotion, and discover how to advance your career your way!

Ready to learn more? My blog posts are a great way to get started. And be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get my latest updates and resources delivered to your inbox every other week.  

Why Another Career Advice Website?

Credible and practical advice on how to get promoted is hard to find. Learn how Finally Promoted differs from other online career advice sites.

Welcome to Finally Promoted

Welcome to Finally Promoted, a website all about showing great employees how to finally get promoted at work. Get recognized, Be rewarded